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  • Continuous Screenshot  v.rcContinuous Screenshot takes screenshot continuously in a matter defined by the user: start time, duration, delay between shots, etc. The user can define a screen area to be monitored, so that the next shot is only taken when the monitored area changes.
  • File System Snapshots  v.1.0The project provides for filesystem level snapshots over the 'modified' ext2 filesystem.
  • Snapshots for Linux VFS layer  v.1.0Implementation of snapshots into VFS layer in Linux kernel ...
  • Nag - Continuous Integration Monitor  v.0.2Nag monitors Continuous Integration servers such as Apache Continuum, Cruise Control, and Lunt Build in order to provide developers INSTANT notification of build events. Nag provides audio and visual queues regarding the status of automated builds.
  • Arundo continuous integration system  v.rcArundo is a lightweight continuous build integration system based on Soha Navigator (see on sourceforge) which can execute NAnt, MsBuild scripts automatically on SVN commit.
  • C'it-Continuous Integration and Testing  v.0.3The C'it (Continuous Integration and Testing) project (say "see it!") is a set of services to increase the perception of the evolving software, letting you easily implement continuous integration at its best.
  • Continuous Integration and Reporting  v.1.0CIR Continuous Integration and Reporting, basically an ant target scheduler forscheduling the execution of ant build tasks and execution of testng testsuites.Reports will be generated and statistics gathered.
  • Xinc+ Continuous Integration  v.1.0Xinc+ is a free open source continuous integration server written in PHP 5. The builder of choice is Phing and it comes with builtin SVN support. It's a fork of Xinc.
  • Xinc - Continuous Integration for PHP  v.2.0.1Xinc is a free open source continuous integration server written in PHP 5. The builder of choice is Phing and it comes with builtin SVN support. Currently Xinc 2.0 is under heavy development. A final version of Xinc 2.0 will be released until middle of f ...
  • Timed Shutdown Helper  v.1.32Timed Shutdown Helper is a powerful and handy tool ...
  • Timed Shutdown  v.0.5bShutdown, Restart, Log Off or Hibernate your computer based on time, CPU usage or internet state. The triggers are: at a certain time, after a time period, when the CPU usage goes down or when you get disconnected from the internet.
  • Shift Scheduler Continuous Excel  v.12Build a roster to your specifications, allocate staff automatically, and generate a printable roster, all at the click of a button. Compact and user friendly with default values for ease of use. Full operational instructions.
  • Continuous FLV Player  v.1.0Controllable via XML file, you don't require Flash to operate this player. Features include: // - Playlist Display // - Thumbnails display // - Total Number of Videos // - Ability to play crossdomain flv files // - Automatic play of flv files throu ...
  • Snapshots of Ronald Reagan Screensaver  v.1.0This screensaver honors the Gipper and the conservative principles he fought for. Ronald Reagan, one of this nations finest presidents, strengthened the nations economy, increased our freedoms, and brought democracy to many millions around the world.
  • Timed Password File  v. is a novel software integrating encryption technology with decryption technology. The features of this software can be concluded as follow: (1) Base on the encryption engine of microsoft,the software with mandatory encryption technology can ...
  • CODE - Continuous Development Process  v.06.06.07CODE is Code Development's process. A set of values, principles and practices to assist you around the process of software ...
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